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A broad alliance of people, groups and networks, of citizens and civil society, of community groups, experts from think tanks and academia, business people, trade union members, campaigners, artists, technology and media professionals and more have, in various ways and to varying degrees, voluntarily come together for the People’s Plan. [ PRESS RELEASE ]

There’s already lots of positive enthusiasm and collective goodwill for this innovative, shared programme and the more we all get involved, the better it will be for everybody.

So ‘who’ is not a single organisation, or a fixed group of individuals – and for this unusual, flexible, evolving configuration, it would be problematic to highlight some volunteers and the extent of their contribution, at a point in time, and not others. Please contact us if you would like further details and would like to speak with some of the people currently involved.

The ‘Why’ is our shared focus – the ‘Who’ is all of us who are willing and able to contribute and work together, building trust, confidence and capacity, for the challenge of building a better social, environmental, economic and democratic shared future for the people of Greater Manchester, with a common understanding that broader, deeper engagement and participation is both difficult and essential.


The People’s Plan can help us together to provide:

  1. opportunities for GM citizens and civil society to have a meaningful say on GM devolution
  2. constructive challenge and improvement of GM strategy and delivery

for social, environmental, economic and democratic progress.


OCT – DEC 2016 Online questions and events (local, themed and freestyle)
JAN – MAR 2017 Data processing and plan formulation
MAY 2017 Election of new metro-mayor for Greater Manchester


The People’s Plan programme provides simple ways for people, groups and networks across Greater Manchester to explore and to contribute views, priorities and proposals – things we can agree upon and also things we may disagree about. The approach and framework is open and supportive and includes ways to get involved online and in-person with others.

A strong team of people with skills and experience will then faithfully work through and analyse the various contributions and prepare a package of proposals and options — robust and credible — with a roadmap and strategies for practical implementation.

Some parts of the People’s Plan we may then be able to get on with and implement ourselves; other parts can then be championed by our local politicians and the 2017 mayoral candidates.


Cooperation and Goodwill

The People’s Plan is made possible and sustained by voluntary cooperation and goodwill.

Respect and Freedom

Behaviour by and towards People’s Plan participants and volunteers should be respectful and freedom of speech protected (within established legal parameters).

Equality and Inclusion

All people living, working or studying in Greater Manchester should have an equal right to meaningful participation in local decision-making processes affecting their lives. The People’s Plan engagement programme should expect and welcome diversity of identity, geography, age, experience, circumstance, opinion and modes of expression.

Accountability and Integrity

Contributions to the People’s Plan should be handled with high standards of accountability and integrity and with personal privacy and rights protected.

Transparency and Involvement

The People’s Plan information and processes should be open, recorded and shared to support the objectives and to allow for participants and volunteers engaging at different points in time.

Evaluation and Delivery

The collective efforts and achievements of the People’s Plan will inevitably be judged as somewhat less than perfect, but will nonetheless be sincere in the delivery of a good measure of success in achieving the objectives.


The People’s Plan should aim, in its approach and character, to help towards broadening, deepening and strengthening people power and local democratic participation and accountability fit for the 21st Century, from grassroots to City Hall and beyond. The People’s Plan is not a survey of data subjects – it is a participatory form of local democracy in action, by and for citizens and civil society.

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