The People’s Plan programme is made possible and sustained by voluntary cooperation and goodwill, having already received some very generous voluntary support by way of time, expertise and services.

However, some things do still require financial payments – and the best way of meeting this simple necessity is for lots of us to provide immediate practical support by donating amounts we can afford.

Together we can do more with more resources – thank you for playing your part and for sharing.

Payments are received and fully accounted for by CLES a reputable and respected independent charitable research and member organisation based in Manchester.
All donations will go towards the People’s Plan programme, to help us together to be as ambitious as practically possible within the limits of available resources.

How to make a donation

Until a direct online donations process is ready, please email your donation offer, which will be passed on to CLES who will then provide you with the account and reference details for you to make an online banking payment. Thank you!

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