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Other Inputs Now Closed

It’s important to include in the People’s Plan programme a quick and straightforward way, for as many people as want to, across Greater Manchester, to provide some input across a range of important areas such as homes, health and care, transport, democracy, environment, jobs and economy.

By its nature, the package of online questions is not comprehensive and is inevitably imperfect – all the possible important questions can’t be included to suit everyone’s personal preference. The limited set of questions should hopefully serve as food-for-thought and help to stimulate some further involvement and important discussion.

The events will provide more opportunities for more questions and discussion and add a broader, deeper flow of information, from people’s lived experiences, to include within the overall data.

The online inputs are handled by SurveyMonkey®, a well established online service. The account holder is CLES, a reputable and respected independent charitable research and member organisation based in Manchester. Stored data is accessed by appropriately trained and accountable personnel, in accordance with normal data protection requirements. Personal contact information is solely for People’s Plan communications purposes and response data is properly anonymised prior to processing and analysis.

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